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April 08 2015

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nie dam rady
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Minęło wiele miesięcy,  ale mnie nic nie minęło. 
— Edward Stachura
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just like my heart.
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April 05 2015

chcę jeść, nie mogę jeść.
jeśćjeśćjeść. żreć. jedzenie. 
co bym dał, żeby było jak dawniej? wszystko.
nie pamiętam świata, nie pamiętam życia sprzed choroby.
tak bardzo chce być normalny, chcę potrafić włożyć to pierdolone żarcie do ust, przeżuć to bez poczucia winy.
kiedy skończy się ta obsesja? chyba tylko wtedy, kiedy skończę się ja.
mam dość. dość.
Tags: anorexia
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2473) I don't want to be touched. I don't want to be seen.

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by Radiohead
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4760) I killed everything I ever worked for.

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‘Eating is natural.’ That’s what everyone tells us. ‘Just EAT, don’t you know how unhealthy this is?’ They don’t understand the first thing about us. They don’t understand that their math will not work in our world. They don’t know what it is like to know what you are doing but be so trapped and guided by the panic, the nausea, the freaking out of having no control that you actually need that empty stomach like it’s a chemical addiction. The alcoholic’s click. Only the devil isn’t in a bottle. It’s not something we can put away, back on shelf. It’s not something we put in ourselves that destroys us. What hurts us is already there, in our bones. In our brain. In our memories. In all our relationships. In our eyes. In the mirror it is strangely unleashed, bared grotesquely. On the scale we can see by the numbers that it is inside of us. This is not something we give in to. This is something we fight every day of our lives, moment to moment. We put nothing in our mouths when we have the control and clarity of mind to put the bottle back on the shelf and refuse to feel the nausea, the helplessness. Who but us would understand that every piece of food in my stomach is the symptom of self-hatred? Of rubbing yourself in mud just because you know how much you love the clean white dress you’re wearing? We know what we’re doing. They will never understand that knowing is not enough. 
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